XO Markets

About XO Markets

XO Markets is a space commercialization company focused on bringing about a vibrant, commercial marketplace from low-Earth orbit, to deep space, and beyond. Leveraging access to a multitude of in-space platforms worldwide, both in the government and private sector, XO Markets owns and operates Nanoracks, LLC, DreamUp, PBC and other innovative space-based organizations.

Nanoracks is the world’s first commercial space station company with customers and the largest commercial user of the International Space Station. DreamUp is leading XO Markets’ in-space educational effort. Through building an in-orbit ecosystem, XO Markets’ believes we are on the cusp of a new era in space exploration.

Email info@xomarkets.com to get in touch with our experienced team or to find out more about commercial space markets and new opportunities.

Nanoracks LLC

Nanoracks provide a robust platform for commercial space experimentation within, from and beyond the International Space Station. Read more: Nanoracks.com


DreamUp is a Public Benefits Corporation dedicated to realizing an educational community where space-based research and projects will be available to all students – to Space Station and beyond. Read more: DreamUp.org